Provisional acceptance of applications for the conversion of buses and trucks under the Euro 5 & 6 standard made on our phones:

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For queries in English: piotr.nowotarski@filtryeuro5.pl

for price please provide:
Type of vehicle (bus / truck);
Vehicle manufacturer;
Capacity (cm3);
Power (kW);
Year and month of manufacture;
Engine Type;
current Euro norm;
vehicle used in (route / city / mixed);
Fuel (diesel, biodiesel, gasoline);
VIN number;
muffler number and additional information, comments.


Conversion of diesel engines of buses and trucks on the standard Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6:
Our specialized company make re-equipment of diesel engines of trucks, buses and construction equipment under the environmental standard Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6.

FiltryEuro5 company is the exclusive distributor of the company and Proventia Finland and the process of installing particulate filters for buses and trucks in Poland.

Our service center has specialized equipment and certified components for installation
- special catalytic devices that reduce the toxicity of emissions of road transport on all types of internal combustion engines.

We have all the necessary documents on the tests, the tests and measurements, confirming the facts of the work performed and the components installed ecological standard Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6. Following the production of conversion is giving the Swiss quality certificate.

Our company will install the filters as desired passive or active filter system.

Passive filter systems operate at an average temperature of exhaust gases 300 ° C.

Active filter systems operate independently of the exhaust gas temperature

Swiss quality and cost-effective service is due to the particle filter patented coating and stainless steel materials.

These systems particulate filters can only be installed on diesel engines standards EURO 1, EURO 2, EURO 3 any buses and trucks, construction machinery, special equipment.

Particulate Filters Proventia have been certified in all European countries and China.

All repairs are carried out using specialized tools and equipment from Proventia.